Ashthorn Avenue, Headford

Ashthorn Avenue, Headford

About the Project:

Fallon Consulting Engineers (DFCE) acted as Civil & Structural Design Certifiers on this project which involved the completion of nineteen partially completed dwelling houses within a greater housing development. The works included ensuring the houses were structurally sound & regulatory compliant with the applicable building regulations & guidelines. DFCE’s scope also included inspection & analysis of the existing sewer networks to ensure capacity & condition prior to re-connection of the new units. The development is located at Ashthorn Avenue, Headford, Co. Galway.

Our Solution:

DFCE tasks in this project involved:

  • Structural survey of all existing partially completed housing units.
  • Remedial works schedule to ensure houses are regulatory complainant along with any ensuring all structural defects identified are rectified.
  • Inspection & analysis of the existing storm, foul & water supply infrastructure to ensure capacity & condition.
  • Periodic inspections during the works stage to ensure compliance with design drawings & applicable Building Regulations.

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