Engineer’s Ireland Launch Suite of Ancillary Certificates

Engineer’s Ireland Launch Suite of Ancillary Certificates


One of the many new roles launched under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 was that of Ancillary Certifier.

The roles and responsibilities of the Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier were more clearly set out in the Regulations and the accompanying Code of Practice. The roles and responsibilities of the Ancillary Certifier, however, was less clear.

So, what is an Ancillary Certifier? It is best defined as follows:

Ancillary Certificate” means a certificate other than a statutory certificate of compliance as prescribed in the Building Control Regulations given by a competent person to confirm compliance of elements of the building, design or works with Building Regulations; and “Ancillary Certifier” means a person proposed to issue such a statement. (Note: a “person” also includes a company)”. In practical terms, an Ancillary certifier is usually the competent specialist or designer who can certify that a relevant element of a building design has been designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations (e.g. a structural consultant for the structure, a mechanical & electrical consultant for the mechanical & electrical installations or a precast supplier for the specialist design and installation of precast elements).

ancillery certifier

To help create further certainty in relation to the roles and responsibilities of an engineer, Engineer’s Ireland have just launched a suite of Ancillary Certificates to assist engineers in executing their role as Ancillary Certifier’s, or indeed providing the requisite coordination to other Ancillary Designers when fulfilling the Assigned Certifier or Design Certifier roles.

The Ancillary Certificates are required to be signed off by a Principal or Director of the company employing the individual who prepared the Ancillary Certificate. The selection of the person who signs off on the Ancillary Certificate is a matter for the company concerned in compliance with their own Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The Forms are available to download at here.

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