Housing Need & New Galway County Development Plan 2015-2021

Housing Need & New Galway County Development Plan 2015-2021

GalwayGalway County Development Plan 2015 – 2021 was adopted by the Members of Galway County Council on 26th January 2015 and the Plan is effective from 23rd February 2015.

Of particular interest for those seeking planning permission for a house in Galway County are the aspects of the plan in relation to Housing Need. If a site is within the Galway Transportation and Planning Study (GTPS) area then the housing policy contained in the new County Development Plan will now apply.

The applicant must demonstrate through the submission of full land registry and folio details the lands in their ownership (with the family home shown, and additional lands for farming or other purposes and demonstrate their links to that area through employment (e.g. letter from employer, copies of bills/statements showing the location address).  Other information like birth certs, letters from local schools/club etc. should also be submitted.

The GTPS area includes the hinterland of Galway City, which is an area within an approximate 30km radius of the City. Prospective planning applicants can find out if their property is within the GTPS area by submitting a site location map to Galway County Council and request a pre-planning report. This report will confirm if the property is in the GTPS area, as well as other interesting site constraints (e.g. flood risk, environmental designations).

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